Some great news for lovers of realistic sex dolls. Penthouse have begun to release a range of life-size realistic dolls based upon their Penthouse Pets. At the time of writing they have put 3 sex dolls on the market, and hopefull there will be more soon :

All of these sex dolls are made from realistic CyberSkin material.  The pick of the bunch for me is Penthouse Pet Nicole Aniston.  The site’s homepage has a video of the doll being fucked doggy style while she is licked by a real pornstar.  $1,649 might sound like a large investment, but you can fuck these dolls for possibly decades.  Click the images above to see videos of the dolls being fucked.

Ecstasy Body Plush Doll ($652)

ecstasy body plush foam love sex doll 2

Enjoy the perfect woman in the form of this realistic plush foam sex doll body. It has the ultimate curvy figure, with a narrow waist, wide hips, and large breasts.

You can insert different onaholes and even attach a head to the body. With this doll, you have the perfect base to build the perfect women or women of your dreams!!

Realistic plush sex dolls are now available to purchase in the USA.  Much cheaper than their silicone cousins, and yet just as realistic and muuuccchhhh more cuddlier and warm!

Plush sex dolls have all the attributes and dimensions of a real woman, and yet these dolls from Teddy Babes weigh just 20 pounds!

The dolls have highly flexible limbs and can be put in any position for love making or cuddling!

Our favourite is the beautiful Deluxe Jessica Teddy Babe ($1200)

jessica teddy babe

Ultra Realistic Breasts ($445)
Ultra Realistic Breasts

If your budget only allows you to purchase the best bits of a realistic sex doll, then make sure it’s these ultra realistic breasts from Japan.  These breats are large, soft, and feel incredibly real to the touch.  They are so unbelievably life-like that they even bounce!!  Those Japs have done it again and put real woman one step closer to being out of business alltogether!  Order direct from Japan with very low international shipping rates.

MyDollMyDoll USA ($2,999)

At last Americans can enjoy a stunningly beautiful sex doll companion that is as realistic as the most famous of Japanese dolls.

MyDolls are a new realistic sex doll range that provide a cheaper, yet arguably more beautiful and life-like alternative to the RealDoll.

MyDolls are stunning to look at, beautiful to touch, and amazing to fuck!  They are life-size, made from silicone, and even come with their own internal skeletons (which can be chosen by you when ordering your MyDoll!).

You can also choose the hair and eye color of your MyDoll.  MyDolls are made in the USA but can be shipped to anywhere in the world.  When you buy a MyDoll, you are acquiring a life-long companion who never ages and who you can always love.

An Australian couple have had to be rescued after attempting to ride down an icy river whilst floating upon a pair of inflatable sex dolls.

Police say the 19-year-old couple had just passed Pound Bend Tunnel at Warrandyte North when the water became turbulent and the woman lost control of her grip on the doll about 4.30pm on Sunday.  

Police say the fate of the dolls is unknown.

It is not known whether the couple were engaging in some kind of kinky sex doll game, or were just having a laugh.

The announcement of the first sex robot ever to go on sale made a big splash at the beginning of this year, but many were disappointed in the aesthetic appearance of Roxxxy TrueCompanion, as well as its weight and lack of mobility.  Some even went as far as suggesting the whole thing was merely a publicity stunt on the part of inventor and artificial intelligence expert Douglas Hines.

Now a new video has surfaces on the internet which suggests that the Roxxxy project is for real, with some truly significant advances having seemingly been made by her makers.  First of all, the new Roxxxy is a lot younger and prettier than the original version.  She is also lighter, and is claimed to weigh only 60lbs, making it a lot easier to carry her from the living room couch to the bedroom.  Although Roxxxy still can’t walk, she does have the impressive ability to move her hips and head, especially hand when having sex with her doggy style.  She can also return a gentle squeeze of her hand, perhaps the most impressive new upgrade.  TrueCompanion also claim that her artificial intelligence capacities have been significantly improved, although no demonstration of that was included in the video.

See for yourself here :

Old Roxxxy :

Roxxxy version 1

New Roxxxy :

Roxxxy version 2.0

Borghild Nazi Sex Dolls
Borghild Nazi sex doll

Excellent, if light-hearted article on the history of sex dolls from BlackBookMag.  Not sure if it’s entirely accurate – David Levy has claimed that the Nazi ‘Borghild Field-Hygiend Project’ was a myth.  Nethertheless, fun to read and worth checking out!  Here is a list of the important events (the article details each event) :

8 AD – The first sex doll story told (Ovid’s Metamorphosis)

11th – 12th century – Touching of naked statues encouraged.

15th century – First sex dolls at sea.

1941 – Nazis invent the modern sex doll.

1975 – ‘The Stepford Wives’ premiers.

1985 – The term ‘Gynoid’ coined.

1987 – Britain lifts restrictions on import of sex dolls.

1995 – The inflatable sex sheep sold.

1996 – First realistic sex doll created.

2005 – Japanese company begins renting out ‘Dutch Wives’.

2007 – Lars and the Real Girl premiers.

2007 – The ‘Sexual Audio System’ is invented.

2009 – ‘Nax’, the first male sex doll.

2010 – ‘Roxxxy’, the first sex doll robot.

2010 – Sarah Palin sex doll is released


She might not be much to look at, but makers of Roxxxy, ‘the world’s first sex robot’, have allegedly taken over 4,000 pre-orders for her at over $7,000 a time.  Inventor Douglas Hines also claims that over 20,000 other men have requested information on the robotic sex doll, including a female sex therapist seeking an aid for her patients.

Although I find the first figure quoted rather hard to believe, it would be terrific news if true.  If a sex robot as aesthetically challenged as Roxxy can really sell in those numbers then other companies will surely start to produce superior (at least looks wise) versions themselves.  How long before we see the first robotic RealDoll?

In an industry known for pushing the technological envelope, observers are curious about how Roxxxy will fare in the marketplace.

“Is this a viable product? Yes,” said Sherri Shaulis, an editor at Adult Video News, a trade magazine for the pornographic industry. “There’s a market for it. Granted, it’s a very small market.”

Maybe not. TrueCompanion claims that more than 4,000 men have placed pre-orders for Roxxxy robots, and another 20,000 or so have requested information about the product.

“There’s really nothing like this on the market,” said Hines, who speaks of his unique creation with what seems like genuine affection. “Whenever she’s out in public, everyone wants to talk to her and pose for pictures. It’s so cute.”

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Dream of enjoying the realistic sex doll experience but can’t afford to pay out $7000 for a high end RealDoll or Japanese CandyGirl? Don’t give up on your dream just yet! There are ways and means for you to enjoy ‘better than real sex’ without having to spend a lot of money and we have some suggestions below.

Try a cheaper Plush Japanese sex doll instead of Silicone – $553 - O.K, the Eri Nanjo plush doll doesn’t quite have the incredible realism of a CandyDoll but at around 1/10 of the price, Eri is still indescribably cute and her large, firm breasts and pliable limbs add up to a bargain value realistic sex doll experience.  This is an excellent introduction to the world of sex dolls and Eri’s face is cute and authentic enough for you to determine if you really can prefer fucking sex dolls to women without having to gamble on a huge investment.  Highly recommended.

Eri Nanjo Plush Foam Doll

autoblow-blowjob-machine Buy a blowjob machine for $99 together with some high quality 3D blowjob porn – The Autoblow Blowjob Machine costs just $99 and delivers a fully automatic sucking sensation for your dick at the touch of a button.  The sensation of using this whilst watching some good quality POV blowjob porn is very, very realistic and intense.  For the next level of realistic masturbation I reccomend you pair your blowjob machine with 3D blowjob porn!  There aren’t many 3D porn sites out there yet but Adult4D is looking good and adds new content each week, with their first 3D blowjob scense released last week.  To go to the very next level you could even purchase the Puchi Som Blowjob Machine for $450, a Japanese invention that can deliver 180 sucks to your dick each minute until you cum.

Buy a FleshLight Girl for only $79 – You may have considered this alternative already…and you’d be crazy not to.  The FleshLight girls range are artificial realistic vaginas that are actually modelled on the real pussies of famous and beautiful young pornstars.  So you just have a pussy to play with instead of a whole body as in a sex doll but these things cost only $79 or so and as with the Autoblow you can help your imagination along with the aid of well chosen porn.  For example, fucking the tight FleshLight girl realistic pussy of Lupe Fuentes whilst looking at some of her pictures or watching her in action is VERY intense and as you approach climax is comparable to the real thing or to fucking a realistic sex doll.  Another HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED purchase.

Go Virtual Sex – RealTouch for only $199 - True virtual sex has arrived, and with the RealTouch you can have sex with pornstars and even experience the temperature of their pussies and the squirt of their cum as you fuck them to orgasm.  RealTouch is like a far more complex version of the Autoblow.  It will suck you and fuck you - in fact do anything to your penis that the girl in the porn video is doing to the porn actor.  Hopefully, one day soon they will plug a RealTouch into a RealDoll (far better than the Roxxxy) but already RealTouch is an extremely cost effective alternative to a realistic sex doll if you want to get very close to the real thing.