Some great news for lovers of realistic sex dolls. Penthouse have begun to release a range of life-size realistic dolls based upon their Penthouse Pets. At the time of writing they have put 3 sex dolls on the market, and hopefull there will be more soon :

All of these sex dolls are made from realistic CyberSkin material.  The pick of the bunch for me is Penthouse Pet Nicole Aniston.  The site’s homepage has a video of the doll being fucked doggy style while she is licked by a real pornstar.  $1,649 might sound like a large investment, but you can fuck these dolls for possibly decades.  Click the images above to see videos of the dolls being fucked.

Ecstasy Body Plush Doll ($652)

ecstasy body plush foam love sex doll 2

Enjoy the perfect woman in the form of this realistic plush foam sex doll body. It has the ultimate curvy figure, with a narrow waist, wide hips, and large breasts.

You can insert different onaholes and even attach a head to the body. With this doll, you have the perfect base to build the perfect women or women of your dreams!!

Realistic plush sex dolls are now available to purchase in the USA.  Much cheaper than their silicone cousins, and yet just as realistic and muuuccchhhh more cuddlier and warm!

Plush sex dolls have all the attributes and dimensions of a real woman, and yet these dolls from Teddy Babes weigh just 20 pounds!

The dolls have highly flexible limbs and can be put in any position for love making or cuddling!

Our favourite is the beautiful Deluxe Jessica Teddy Babe ($1200)

jessica teddy babe

Ultra Realistic Breasts ($445)
Ultra Realistic Breasts

If your budget only allows you to purchase the best bits of a realistic sex doll, then make sure it’s these ultra realistic breasts from Japan.  These breats are large, soft, and feel incredibly real to the touch.  They are so unbelievably life-like that they even bounce!!  Those Japs have done it again and put real woman one step closer to being out of business alltogether!  Order direct from Japan with very low international shipping rates.

MyDollMyDoll USA ($2,999)

At last Americans can enjoy a stunningly beautiful sex doll companion that is as realistic as the most famous of Japanese dolls.

MyDolls are a new realistic sex doll range that provide a cheaper, yet arguably more beautiful and life-like alternative to the RealDoll.

MyDolls are stunning to look at, beautiful to touch, and amazing to fuck!  They are life-size, made from silicone, and even come with their own internal skeletons (which can be chosen by you when ordering your MyDoll!).

You can also choose the hair and eye color of your MyDoll.  MyDolls are made in the USA but can be shipped to anywhere in the world.  When you buy a MyDoll, you are acquiring a life-long companion who never ages and who you can always love.