Roxxxy True Companion is to be unveiled at the Adult Expo in Los Angeles next saturday (Jan 9th).  The world’s first robotic sex doll, Roxxxy can talk, move, ‘feel’ herself being touched, tell you she loves you, even have an orgasm.

According to the makers of Roxxxy at , realistic sex dolls are great but sometimes feels odd making love to someone/thing that can’t respond :

In 1993, Douglas Hines designed “Trudy”, our first sex robot. Trudy was not as “user friendly” as our current model. Douglas worked for Bell Labs, a Research and Development organization. It was during this time that he learned the latest artificial intelligence systems which assisted him in the future.

The sex doll industry was effective at creating very expensive and somewhat realistic dolls – but many people were telling us it was like their dolls were “catatonic”, like they were injured and unable to speak and interact. They wanted to have their dolls become interactive and be their friends. We solved this problem and now our customers can have sex robots that in one person’s opinion “are now brought to life”!

“Designing a robot sex doll involves multiple disciplines”, says Hines. “We have many electrical engineers, computer science experts, artists, beauty and makeup professionals as well as robotic engineers all working together to provide you with your most life like sex robot which can interact as well as ‘play’ with you”. We look forward

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